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Product name: Iron spectrum analyzer analytical
Product Model:FDH-6033
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Label:Iron spectrum, analyzer analytical
Scope of application

  The system includes three parts spectrometer system, color microscope reader. The principle is the use of a high gradient 

magnetic field in the iron magnetic abrasive machine oil separated out, and then the particle size are sequentially deposited on 

the glass. By microscopic observation of morphology and abrasive color, size, and component analysis, the reader can also be 

used for determination of the percentage of area covered grains.

Function characteristics

1. the use of pneumatic conveying oil sample way to keep grit original state. 

2.the flow of oil samples can be transported in 10-30ml / arbitrary choice and a quick stop ;

3. the angle between the plate and the magnet surface Ferrography adjustable to suit different size abrasive oil sample selection;

4.two-color microscope with transmission, reflection and polarized light, and with a variety of filters. Using achromatic 

 eyepiece flat field lens imaging optical system clearly observed comfortable. Can be photomicrography.

Technical parameters
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