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Product name: Petroleum Products Vacuum Distillation Tester
Product Model:FDR-0301

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Label:馏程、Distillation under high vacuum
Scope of application

The instrument is designed and made as per The Industry Standard of Peoples Republic of China SH/T0165-92 Test Method for Distillation of High Boiling Point Petroleum Products under Vacuum Condition. It is used for distillation of waxy oil, lubricating oils and similar High boiling point petroleum products. .Is a High-viscosity petroleum products for determination of distillation range of special equipment. For determination of High wax and oil boiling range petroleum products - Determination of distillation under reduced pressure distillation range of sample approach. instrument consists of distillation flask furnace, Heating power regulator, receptor Graduated flask receiver and air bath temperature control system, vacuum system, vacuum gauge, lighting systems and or components.

Function characteristics

1, High vacuum distillation analyzer with integrated design, easy operation and maintenance

2, High vacuum distillation analyzer system with PID temperature control temperature control, temperature control, High precision and stable

3, High-vacuum chamber Graduated flask vacuum distillation analyzer using air bath, digital temperature control

4, High vacuum distillation analyzer using low-noise vacuum system


Technical parameters

1,Input power: <2050 W

2, Distillation Heating power: 0-1200W adjustable 

3, Receiving Graduated flask temperature control range: room temperature to 90 degrees 

4, Temperature Power: 800W

5,Buffer tank volume: 1200ml

6, Power supply: 220V 50HZ

7Maximum residual pressure pump : 2mm Hg


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