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  • : Naphthalene Crystallization Point Tester
Product name: : Naphthalene Crystallization Point Tester
Product Model:FDR-4171
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Label:Crystallization Point , Crystallization Point Test
Scope of application

Applied standards: GB/T1663-2001; GB/T618-2006; GB/T7533-93.GB/T3069.2-2005

Technical Specifications: Determination of crystallizing point plasticizers, chemical reagents crystallization point, organic

 chemical products crystallization point. Naphthalene crystallization point.

Function characteristics

1. the instrument automatically detects the use of optical fiber crystallization point on the sample without any disturbance;

2.the instrument uses a color touch screen monitor, Chinese menu prompts, real-time display sample curve;

3.the instrument test result data can be stored and printed;

4. the instrument measured a great extent to avoid the manual process of participating in the experiment, the test results to      avoid manual errors, it is better than hand-determination;

5. the equipment supporting heat, cold bath, convenient reagent Heating method and Cooling method;6, the instrument uses imported compressor refrigeration, Cooling method speed, good stability.

Technical parameters

1.Detection unit: two holes ;


2.temperature sensor: PT100;

3.the crystallization point detection: photoelectric   ;

4.the test results: Display and print   ;

5.Power supply: AC 220V.

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