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Product name: Digital penetration and software
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Label:Digital penetration , software
Scope of application

  Petroleum products penetration test for measuring the tightness of the shear stability (grease), for design, quality control and 

identification. Standard cone or needle from the cone penetration tester released and can freely at room temperature within 5 

seconds (or different specific intervals) fall into the sample. Standard cone or needle passes through the sample in the depth of 

the penetration tester to one tenth of a millimeter to measure.

Function characteristics

1, the test grease, paraffin, asphalt, clay, cheese and other products of solid to semi-solid consistency 

2, programmable automatic timed operation penetration measurements 

3, the motor position of the sample surface of a cone 

4, large LCD display LCD to display all functions 

5, RS232 port for data transmission 

6,0-620 to 1/10 mm scale or 1/100 mm for all measuring scale 

7, rechargeable battery or AC operation 

8, large removable grease base to work and provides a grease cup ASTM and other non-standard sample container 

9, all selected for testing of petroleum products and other widely used penetrometer cones, needles and accessories 

10, meets all ASTM, IP, ISO 9001 related to the penetration of the specification
Technical parameters

Penetration distance: 0-62.0mm (0-620 penetration scale) in 11/10mm or 1/100mm

Penetration interval: from 0.1 to 9999.9 seconds, variable, with repeat function and the default value is 5.0 

Standard piston, 47.5g 

Weights, 50 and 100g 

Size cm 31.7x35.6x45.7 

Weight: 9.5kg

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