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  • Liquid petroleum products hydrocarbon analyzer
Product name: Liquid petroleum products hydrocarbon analyzer
Product Model:FDW-0773
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Label: hydrocarbon analyzer,Liquid petroleum products
Scope of application

Test Method 
Determines saturates, olefins and aromatics in petroleum fractions that distill below 315°C. 
Function characteristics

1. easy to operate line with ASTM D1319 standards ;

3.cylinder connected quickly and easily assemble and test ;

4. integrated vibration system for drying silica filler ;

5.2,4,6 optional cylinder mode ;

6.using a standard twin-tube column

Technical parameters

1, standard: ASTM D1319; IP 156; NF M 07-024 

2, contains an attachment 
   Syringe, 1mL 
   Bottle (2) 
   Spherical joints fixture 
   Mounting rail (2) 
   Integrated electronic shock 

UV lamps for domestic assembly 

3, size lxwxh. (Cm) 20x66x208 

4, Weight 45.5kg 

5, Shipping Weight: 55kg
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