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  • Near-infrared octane number, cetane analyzer
Product name: Near-infrared octane number, cetane analyzer
Product Model:FDW-0371
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Label:Near-infrared octane number, cetane analyzer
Scope of application
Test Method 

Cetane analysis for measuring gasoline antiknock index (AKI), research method octane number (RON) and a power law with an octane number (MON), also apply to diesel 

The portable instrument octane number (cetane index can be measured and sixteen values​​) 

The analyzer uses of NIR technology, small size, light weight, simple operation, using AA batteries or AC. Before each results show that the instrument self-test, to ensure accuracy. Built-in printer will automatically print out with the time and date of the test results. All data can be downloaded via RS232 port to an external computer.
Function characteristics

1, the test results equivalent to the American ASTM D2699 and D2700 test method 

2, measuring levels of unleaded petrol 

3, test results equivalent to the U.S. ASTM D613 diesel fuel cetane 

4, the measurement time of 20 seconds showed 

5, can be directly measured AKI = (RON + MON) / 2 (anti-knock index), RON (research method) and MON (power) octane 

6 Optional Accessories measured cetane index and cetane diesel fuel 

7, includes RS232 output interface, built-in printer and LCD display 

8, the measurement results can be traced to the engine Laboratories 

9, with the GPS positioning accessories can have on global positioning capabilities
Technical parameters

1, the spectral range:893 - 1045nm

2, paragraph 14 spectral bands

3, 10 times per second scanning speed

4, sample:200ml

5, can be measured gasoline:No. 70 -100

6, can be measured diesel:30-60

7, American Society:ASTM standard test materials, GE International

8, the sample container: reusable glass containers with chemical closures

9, Size " 12cm X 36cm X 11cm

103 pounds weight (less than 2kg)

11, without sample preparation

12, no sample damage

13, power:6 AA batteries or AC charging implement

14, the power consumption:750mA

15, pre-calibrated :research octane motor octane number uprising Index

16, optional :diesel databases, testing diesel cetane value

17, the test results output :LCD display built into the print

18, data transfer:RS232 interface is used to connect a computer

19, includes a full suite of data analysis :Data Software

20 CFR motor test results .: law dating back testing or other laboratory measurements

21, the calibration can be stored for ten calibration data model

22, data storage:25 sets of measurement results can be stored
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