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Scope of application

Photoresist method using a particle counter (light type) principle, used for detecting the size and number of solid particles in a 

liquid. It can be widely used in aviation, aerospace, electric power, petroleum, chemical, transportation, port, metallurgy, 

machinery, automobile manufacturing and other fields in the hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, transformer oil (insulating oil), turbine 

oil (turbine oil), gear oil, engine oil, aviation kerosene, water-based hydraulic oil, oil pollution detection carried out solid 

particles, and organic liquid polymer solution detects insoluble particles.

Function characteristics

1, built GB/T14039-2002 (ISO4406: 1999) Hydraulic transmission / fluid / solid particle contamination level code standards    and NAS1638 oil cleanliness level standards, and according to the user's requirements, built-in user required standard. 

2, high-precision laser sensor, stable performance, wide detection range, easy to plug. 

3, precision syringe sampling, low noise, high precision sampling, sampling speed and stability. 

4,8 channel, built-in threshold - diameter curve, the user can arbitrarily set the value of the channel diameter. 

5, large-screen LCD, touch screen Chinese menu operation. 

6, data processing feature-rich; may be given in accordance with standard hydraulic oil level, draw histograms. 

7, sample size, sampling rate, the speed can be set to push back. 

8, with a standard serial RS232 interface to an external computer for data processing, classification and retrieval. 

9, according to GB/T18854-2002 (ISO11171: 1999, JJG066-95) and other standards for calibration, verification.
Technical parameters

1, light source: semiconductor laser 

2, measuring range: 1μm ~ 250μm (25 sensors) 
               1μm ~ 320μm (32 sensors) 

               2μm ~ 400μm (40 sensors) 

3 Sensitivity: 1μm (ISO4402) or 4μm (C) 
              (ISO11171) (25,32 Sensor) 

              2μm (ISO4402) (40 sensor) 

4 measurement channels: 8 channels, particle size 1μm (2μm) ~ arbitrarily set within 100μm 

5, sample volume: ≥ 0.5mL 

6, sampling accuracy: better than ± 1% 

7, sampling rate: 5mL/min ~ 60mL/min 

8, resolution: <10% (GB/T18854-2002) 

9, coincidence error limit: 10,000 / mL (5% coincidence error) 

10, the maximum pressure cabin pressure: 0.6MPa 

11, the maximum cabin pressure vacuum: 0.08MPa 

12, detects the maximum viscosity: 350 cps (40 sensor) 
                   250 cps (32 sensors) 

                   100 cps (25 sensors) 

13, the data output: built-in printer RS232 interface can be connected to a computer 

14, Power: 100 ~ 245V, 50Hz ± 1%, <80W 

15, Ambient temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃
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