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  • engine coolant foam tendency analyzer
Product name: engine coolant foam tendency analyzer
Product Model:FDY-0301
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Label: engine coolant, foam tendency, foam tendency anal
Scope of application

  the the foaming tendencies determination of the engine coolant instrument designed according to the requirements 

specifiedis designed and made as per the People’s Republic of China Petroleum and                                                        

Chemical Industry Standard SH/T0066 

engine cooling foam Determination the determination method applicable in accordance with the standards SH/T0066, 

determination of diluted or concentrated engine cooling liquid foam

Function characteristics

1.with integrated design, easy to operate;

2.with automatic timing device, easy to operate, can also set up their own;

3. using quick water sFRIEND valve design, to facilitate the replacement of the bath;

4.test cup quick plug design, fast, stable, safe;

5. using the the precision flowmeter control flow, the user at any time adjustable;

6.using a professional air pump gas supply, stable airflow, noise-

   free7, the engine cooling liquid foam tendency analyzer embedded drying system, replacement desiccant convenient, 


Technical parameters

1. Power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz;  


2 .heating power: 2000W;

3. air flow: Precision flowmeter control;

4.Measuring range: room temperature ~ 99.9 °C;

5.time: automatic timing, you can set your own;

6.Ambient temperature: -10 ~ +40 °C;

7.Relative humidity:  85%.

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