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  • Lubricants pH meter
Product name: Lubricants pH meter
Product Model:FDT-2071
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Label:Lubricants, acids, alkalis value analyzer, pH
Scope of application

Lubricants pH meter can be used for rapid determination of total acid oil and engine oil TBN

Function characteristics

1.A lubricant pH meter with LCD display, Chinese operation interface 

2, lubricants pH meter using microcontroller automatic control experiment without human duty 

3, change oil pH meter assay of various parameters, automatic test results 

4, lubricants pH meter has a self-diagnostic function, the function prompts

Technical parameters
1, the test range: Acid: 0 ~ 2.5mgKOH / g 

            TBN: 0 ~ 20mgKOH / g 

2, test accuracy: comply GB/T264 

3, working voltage: 220VAC 

4, Dimension: 340mm × 165mm × 115mm 

5, Weight: 4kg
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