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  • cooling characteristics Nickel-alloy probe test method
  • cooling characteristics -- Nickel-alloy probe test method
Product name: cooling characteristics Nickel-alloy probe test method
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Label:Heat oil, quenching medium, quenching oil, water-b
Scope of application

(Heat treatment) Cooling method medium quenching characteristic measuring instrument widely used in The laboratory standard conditions, production workshop under field conditions The Cooling method medium, The Cooling method bath is monitored, analyzed, can also be used for The actual Heating method andCooling method parts testing, Heat treatment is to stabilize andimprove product quality, reduce andeliminate waste, saving energy effective means of improving efficiency.

Function characteristics

1, The software is versatile.Testing software can be any br compatible machine running no relationship with The printer.Thus, The user can according to their needs, The purchase of different grades of computers, can be replaced at any time, The computer and the printer.

2, The tester measured indicators most complete, covers The ISO9950 (BS12.5Inconel600 alloy probe) international standards andour JB/T7951-2004 (BS12.5Inconel600 alloy probe) JB/T7951-1999 (BS16 silver probe) andSH/T0220 (BS10 silver probe) three industry standard in all The indicators.Thus, at any time, The software obsolete possibility is very small, once The new standards, we will promptly update The new version away for free, relieve your worries.Furthermore, you simply equipped with different probes can be tested according to different criteria.From The fundamental solution to The exchange due to different standards to bring The inconvenience.

3, The software and test data can beis designed and made as per any means (The Internet, floppy disks, etc.) to The domestic release of any units or individuals, thus greatly improving The exchange rate andimprove The corporate image.

4, The software on The test results increased 60 Chinese media description andremarks column.Test date andtime is automatically saved in The file.Simply put, you do not need to make any record of a pen.

5, with probe correction factor, in accordance with The maximum Cooling method rate, or The entire Cooling method rate curve to determine The correction factor, from The fundamental solution to The different probes on The test results.

6, The software in The WINDOWS / XP wait for The next run, easy to use.

7, The test results with The file manager, use The “Folders” management technology file that can be saved permanently.

8, analyzed andcompared very convenient, at any time can be combined in an arbitrary curve on a graph for analysis andprinting.

9, print on A4 or B5 paper, very standard, Cooling method curves Cooling method rate curve, The company name, The test person, The test date, time, each of The Cooling method parameters, media description andnotes, print date, etc. in a very standardized way to print paper, graphics andappearance.

Technical parameters

1, The implementation of standards: ISO9950, JB/T7951-2004, JB/T7951-1999, SH/T0220.According to The user needs to provide different standards probe

2,Temperature Measuring range: 0 ~ 900 °C

3, The Cooling method rate Measuring range: 0 ~ 1000 °C/ s

4, Precision: Temperature: ± 0.5%; maximum Cooling method rate: ± 5%; maximum temperature where The Cooling method rate: ± 5%

5, The power supply Power supply: 220 ± 20V

6, The sampling frequency: 123 times / s

7, The correction factor: 0.5 to 1.5

8, The Heating method furnace power: 700w

9, The computer: a variety of brand-name computers or compatible, lapFRIEND or deskFRIEND

10, Printer: Universal printer


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