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Product name: engine oil borderline pumping temperature meter
Product Model:FDH-1501

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Label:Boundary pumping cryogenic pumping, engine oil, GB
Scope of application
This test method covers the prediction of the borderline pumping temperature (BPT) of engine oils through a 16-h cooling cycle over Temperature range from 0 to −40°C. The precision is stated for temperatures from -34 to -15°C.  Engine oil borderline pumping temperature meter structure is reasonable, stable performance, simple operation, is ideal for analysis and detection equipment.
Function characteristics

1, engine oil borderline pumping temperature meter with LCD display, man-machine friendly exchange interface

2, engine oil borderline pumping temperature meter configure automatic diagnostic system, automatic fault prompts

3, engine oil borderline pumping temperature meter using The imported photoelectric detection switch detects rotor speed test function with optical encoder

4Borderline pumping temperature of engine oil analyzer using a smart phone operating system, The user simply one-button operation, The instrument automatically control temperature, automatic timing, automatic speed measurement, automatic calculation

6Engine oil borderline pumping temperature meter imported compressor refrigeration, cooling capacity is enough, The cold bath temperature stability, instead of The drawbacks of traditional semiconductor refrigeration experimental time requires a lot of recycled water long

Technical parameters

1, Conforms to the specifications of:
In accordance with the specifications of:
ASTM D3829, D6821 D6896

2, Measuring range: 80 ~ -40 ± 0.2 °C      

3 operating modes: digital temperature control, imported compressor refrigeration, Testing capacity of up to 9 samples.

4 Power Supply: AC220V ± 10% 50HZ

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