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Product name: Automatic lubricant oxidation Stability Tester
Product Model:FDH-0171

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Label:Oxidation stability, rotating bomb, oxygen bomb, o
Scope of application

The instrument is the first domestic product, instead of the original paper records, instruments with LCD touch screen automatic control system, the operator just put the sample into the instrument, the instrument automatically detects, print the results, the whole process without human conduct. The principle is to put the sample, distilled water and a copper catalyst coil together in a glass test tube, and then put it into oxygen bomb, the oxygen bomb filled with oxygen at room temperature, into an oil bath at a predetermined temperature, oxygen bomb needs and the horizontal angle of 30 degrees, oxygen bomb speed required to achieve 100r/min. When the pressure drop reaches a predetermined recording time, the test was stopped, as the oxidation stability of the sample.

Function characteristics

1, oil oxidation stability analyzer (rotating bomb Act) imported two-way rotary liquid seal technology, the pressure sensor is connected together with the oxygen bomb rapidly rotating colleagues and to achieve the output signal wired access, unlike traditional brushes slide ring, no wear, no signal distortion, durable
2, oil oxidation stability analyzer (rotating bomb method) using a large-screen color LCD, and has a height and tilt can be adjusted to the perspective of the user-friendly design, according to different needs and habits of the operator at any time to adjust the LCD screen The height and tilt viewing angle for operation and monitoring equipment, to meet the needs of individual customers
3, oil oxidation stability analyzer (rotating bomb method) using the touch-sensing automatic man-machine communication systems communication, continue to meet customers' equipment advanced, the need for ease of
4, oil oxidation stability analyzer (rotating bomb method) truly automatic operation, the entire process without human duty, automatic detection, auto-oxidation curve display, automatic storage and print test results
5, oil oxidation stability analyzer (rotating bomb method) with menu prompts, data processing, data storage, fault diagnosis, print
6, oil oxidation stability analyzer (rotating bomb method) using an embedded operating system, more stable, more humane
7, oil oxidation stability analyzer (rotating bomb method) innovative use of security systems, a great danger to avoid and prevent accidents due to long operating personnel and other belongings with oxygen bomb rotating mixing occurs (pioneered , by laboratory personnel welcome)

8, oil oxidation stability analyzer (rotating bomb method) using a circuit protection system to avoid current or voltage instability caused by damage to the instrument, the instrument to ensure the maximum degree of safety

Technical parameters

1, Power: AC220V ± 10%.
2, Heating tube power: 2500W.
3, Pressure sensor measuring range: 0 ~ 1.6MPa, Accuracy: ± 2 ‰.
4,  oil bath temperature range: room temperature ~ 200.0 ℃ continuously adjustable, commonly 150.0 ℃.
5, Temperature accuracy: ± 0.1 ℃.
6, Two bombs designed to do two samples simultaneously, to facilitate parallel test.
7, The rotating mechanism speed: 100 ± 5r/min.
8, oxygen bomb and the horizontal angle: 30 °.
9, Dimensions: 664x574x920
10, an oil bath volume: 30L
11, Weight: about 45Kg

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