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  • Automatic petroleum products calorific value meter
  • Automatic petroleum products calorific value meter
  • calorific value of petroleum products
Product name: Automatic petroleum products calorific value meter
Product Model:FDR-4251

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Label:Calorific value, calorific value of oil, oil calor
Scope of application

The calorific value of automatic oil tester complies with GB/T384, electricity, coal, paper, petrochemical, cement, agriculture and animal husbandry, medicine and scientific research, teaching and other industries and sectors apply to measuring the calorific value of coal, oil and other combustible materials.

Function characteristics

1, The instrument configuration ampoule exclusive capsule national standards test for detection of bio-diesel and other light oil volatile, the accuracy is greatly improved. Is an alternative to the calorific value of traditional instrument on the volatile oil sample test results deviation is too large device of choice.(Customer when ordering, please specify the test sample)

2, High degree of automation: automatic temperature control, automatic and accurate quantification of water within the cylinder, automatic cycle inner tube water level automatically determine the outer cylinder, manual content is only known sample weight, loaded aerobic bombs, other fully automatic control performed by the instrument , and convenient.

3, High precision: accurate temperature measurement system, temperature resolution up 0.0001  , To achieve accurate measurements.

4, Stable and reliable test results: a standard correction formula, the result is true and reliable.

5, The software is powerful: a self-diagnostic function, and the state has a clear operational tips, can be a variety of data processing calorific needs.

6, Oxygen bomb Structure: Flanders specially dedicated oxygen bomb, can be processed in the ignition wire is bad, resulting in the phenomenon of test can not be conducted properly. Improve work efficiency.

7, Using a novel compact instrument oxygenation oxygen bomb automatically without manual pressure

8, Reserved for standard interfaces: electronic balance can be linked, sample weight automatically entered; easy connection. There asynchronous multi-control technology, a computer controlled automatic multiple cylinders or other instruments of the Company.

Technical parameters

1, Measuring range: 5 °C~ 40 °C

2, Temperature resolution: 0.0001 °C

3, Heat capacity of precision:  0.1%

4, Test time: 8min left and right of The main stage

5, Detection: automatic detection

6, Print: brand printers

7, Control mode: computer control      

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