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  • Oil octane cetane number analyzer
  • Oil octane cetane number analyzer
Product name: Oil octane cetane number analyzer
Product Model:FDR-3621

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Label:Cetane number, cetane, cetane index, GB/T11139, IS
Scope of application

     Oil octane cetane number analyzer according to national standards GB/T11139, international standard ISO4264 and ASTM D976 designed and manufactured under this standard applies to diesel  oil products is calculated cetane index

Function characteristics

1, PDA cetane number detection systems, large-screen LCD display, support for mouse operation

2, embedded operating system, boot Paper, auto immune virus

3, built-in power protection, power-down does not affect data detection, storage

4, powerful processing chip can process data quickly and accurately, High-capacity storage space can easily query results

5, support for micro-printer function

Technical parameters

1, Measurements: all types of diesel fuel cetane index

2, each sample measurement time: <10sec

3, instrument current consumption: 30mA,

4, power protection time: 3 hours

5, operation range: Temperature -10°C ~ +40°C, Relative humidity 30% ~ 80% RH, atmospheric pressure 64 ~ 106kPa

6, Display: 7-inch LCD

7, storage space: 2GB, can store 20,000 Results

8, operation frequency: 300MHZ

9, Total: 0.5kg

10, Host: 180mm × 120mm × 22mm

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