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  • Automatic distillation test device for petroleum products
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Product name: Automatic distillation test device for petroleum products
Product Model:FDR-0831

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Label:Distillation, distillation range, gasoline distill
Scope of application

Applied standards: GB/T6536-1997 ISO3405-75 ASTMD86/72 IP123/78

Application range: It is suitable to petrol (stable light hydrocarbon), automobile gasoline, aviation gasoline, jet fuel, mineral spirits with special boiling point, naphtha, mineral petroleum, kerosene, diesel, gas oil, distillated fuel andother similar petroleum products.

Function characteristics

1, using imported compressor refrigeration effect, energy consumption, Not need three-phase power supply.

2, cold bath and the bath of The cylinder temperature control using intelligent measurement andcontrol system, easy to set.

3, distillation power regulator controlled by the keyboard, continuously adjustable from 0 to 1000W.

4, This eco-friendly tester uses pre-curved tubular single-tube distillation test

Technical parameters

1. Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz;

2. Heating power of electric furnace: 1000 W;

3.  Ambient temperature: room temperature~+35 °C

4. Relative humidity: 85%

5 distillation heating power: 1.0kW, bath heating power: 1.5KW”

6,mixing motor: 6W 1450rpm

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