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  • Distillate Fuel Oil Oxidation Stability Tester
Product name: Distillate Fuel Oil Oxidation Stability Tester
Product Model:FDR-0401

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Label:istillate oil, oxidation stability, acceleration m
Scope of application

      Distillate fuel oil oxidation stability side of analyzer (acceleration method) in accordance with SH/T0175-94, ASTMD2274  standards to determine initial boiling point of not lower than 175°C, 90% point of distillation temperature no Higher than 370°C middle distillate fuels Oil inherent stability and performance.

Function characteristics

1, fixed value regulator valve to provide a constant flow of oxygen test.


2, constant temperature bath, large capacity, good insulation properties, but you can do six-sample test.


3, Test tube with radial clamping easy to operate and reliable.


4, black box after test tube can be directly oxidized into which, for Refrigeration mode to room temperature


5, sample oxidation time automatic control, when system alarm.


6, instrument uses a metal bath, heating speed, good stability, environmental protection 


Technical parameters

1,oxide flow meter: six oxidation test flow meter can be adjusted individually, test flow rate: 50 ± 5ml/min.

2, constant temperature bath: FLD metal bath.

3, Thermometer: meet GB/T514-83 standards, WLH-33C, 50-100°C, 0.5°C indexing rod

4, Temperature control: automatic heating, automatic temperature control

5, Temperature controlling accuracy: 95 ± 0.2°C

6, Test tube: borosilicate glass, in line with standard SH/T0175-94

7, Electric heater: main heater at 220V 2500W, auxiliary heating 800W.

8, Oxidized regulator valve: oxidation of oxidation stability of flow meter with regulator valve before


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