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  • reid vapor pressure tester
  • ASTM D323 Reid Vapor Pressure Tester
  • ASTM D323 Reid Vapor Pressure Tester
Product name: reid vapor pressure tester
Product Model:FDR-0201

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Label:reid vapor pressure tester,reid vapor pressur
Scope of application

Saturated vapor pressure tester applicable to GB/T8017-87. Determination of the vapor pressure of petroleum products (Reid method) The Saturated vapor pressure tester volatile crude oil and other volatile petroleum products. But not for the determination of the vapor pressure of the LPG. The sample is measured at 37.8 °C with Reid saturated vapor pressure measurement pressure steam. Called Reid saturated vapor pressure.

Function characteristics

1.Saturated vapor pressure of petroleum products includes the air chamber, single opening petrol chamber The petrol chamber, water bath temperature control device, agitator, pressure gauges and other two openings.

2.The air chamber with a single opening petrol chamber, dual opening The gas chamber by copper material.

3. The water bath for insulation material filling sandwich cooler of installed The main shop electric heater and electric bath mixing device, The bath temperature remains 37.8 °C± 0.1°C, The bath is installed above The bracket of The placement test bomb, put two test bomb.

4.Temperature control device: temperature control accuracy of 37.8 ± 0.1°C, digital display, installed in The electrical box on The left.

5. Gauge: to test The Reid vapor pressure under different pressures, The instrument is equipped with various range of standard pressure gauge group.


Technical parameters

1. Power supply: AC 220V±10%,50Hz;

2. Heating power of water bath: 1600 W;

3. Operation temperature of water bath: room temperature~90°C;

4. Temperature controlling accuracy: ±0.1°C;

5. Pressure meter accuracy: ±0.4%;

6. Ambient temperature: -10~35 °C;

7. Relative humidity: ≤85%;

8. Total power consumption: not more than 1700 W

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