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  • Test Apparatus for Water in Oil Separability
  • ASTM D1401 Water in Oil Separability
Product name: Test Apparatus for Water in Oil Separability
Product Model:FDT-0801

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Label:oil water separator,Tester for water separability
Scope of application

      Test Apparatus for Water in Oil Separability (Demulsability) is based on national standards GB/T7305 and ASTM D1401 oil and syntic liquid Demulsibility test” requirements of design and manufacture for determination of oil and syntic fluids and water separation capabilities.

Function characteristics

1, Apparatus compact structure, reasonable layout

2, Movable digital stirrer with microprocessor control incorporates advanced Function Features for flexibility and ease of operation

3, Constant temperature bath: magnetic stirring, novel structure, use of infinitely variable speed, adjustable mixing speed

4, Mixing time is designed and made as per time relay control to automatic buzzer alarm.

5, Flap measuring Graduated flask is equipped with three holes, position of positioning via rotating rear lock.

6, Column is equipped with upper and lower retaining ring, easy to operate positioning. Agitator blade moves up and down, without repositioning7, use of digital temperature controller and time relay, easy to operate


Technical parameters

1 Power supply: AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz;

2, Ambient temperature: room temperature ~ 99.9°C;

3, Temperature controlling accuracy: ± 1°C;

4, Temperature resolution: 0.1°C;

5, Temperature display format: digital display;

6, Time control range: 1 second to 9 minutes and59 seconds;

7, Time setting mode: dial to set control time;

8, Time display format: digital display;

9, Stirring speed: 1500 ± 15r/min;

10, Temperature control Heating power: 1000W;


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