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Product name: oil Volume Resistivity Tester
Product Model:FDT-0641

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Label: Volume Resistivity Tester ,transformer oil Volume
Scope of application

Automatic volume resistivity tester is based People's Republic of China Electric Power Industry Standard DL/T421-2009 requirements design and manufacture. Fully compliant with the latest standards, is an alternative to the old standard equipment the best choice

Function characteristics

1, automatic volume resistivity tester uses three terminal electrode cup, designed entirely DL/T421-2009

2, automatic volume resistivity tester with color LCD display, touch screen operation

3, automatic volume resistivity tester with integrated design, heating cooling in one, using a wide range of more

4, automatic volume resistivity tester with automatic discharge of oil into the system, reduce labor intensity

5, automatic volume resistivity tester adopt automatic discharge, using the classical PID temperature control, automatic climate control, automatic measurement, with save, print results function.

Technical parameters

1, Test range: 5.0E5 ~ 5E13 Ω · m.
2, Temperature range: the range of 20 ° ~ 99 degrees of freedom set temperature accuracy ± 0.5 °.
3, Constant time: 0 ~ 99 minutes arbitrarily set
4, Pressing time: arbitrarily set within 0 ~ 99S.
5, number of experiments: 1 to 3 times is set to automatically calculate the average of the end of the experiment
6,  Electrode cup parameters: Type: Three-terminal electrode cup, external dual temperature control, material: high purity stainless steel
7, Electrode spacing: 2mm
8 ,cup electrode capacitance values​​: 30PF
9, Empty cup Insulation resistance:> 3.0E12Ω
10, Reproducibility: results> 1.0E10Ω · m, relative error <25% 
      Experimental results ≤ 1.0E10Ω · m, the relative error <15%
11, Reproducibility: Experimental results> 1.0E10Ω · m, the relative error of <35% 
      Experimental results ≤ 1.0E10Ω · m, the relative error <25%
12,  Test voltage: 500 ± 5% V DC
13, Applicable Humidity: 30% to 70%.
14, power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50HZ ± 5%
15, Power: Less than 600W

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