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Product name: Automatic Freezing point tester
Product Model:FDT-0316
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Label:pour and cloud point tester,cloud point tester,pou
Scope of application

Designed and made as per GB/T510 “Test Methods for Solidifying Point of Petroleum Products”, andGB/T3535 “Test Methods for Pour Point of Petroleum Products”.LCD screen graphical display of Chinese man-machine dialogue interface with the parameters of the refrigeration depth, sample label, experimental date, has a menu-oriented input the kanji software prompts function, with a state-of-the-art technology, the advantages of the scientific and technological content of imported products is ideal. alternative products.Mainly used for transformer oil, diesel oil and light oil.

Function characteristics

1 with graphic screen with high resolution screen graphic display, dynamic simulation test process;

2, with digital clock and calendar. Real-time tracking of the status of oil temperature change;

3, The semiconductor refrigeration, test speed, accurate results;

4, tested condensate, pour point, also can be tested simultaneously, in one machine;

5, oiling, testing, put oil, print test data computer is done automatically;

6, with digital clock and calendar with experimental date, test time parameter prompts;

7, Innovation introduced the U.S.

XECOM data processing chip, fast and accurate processing of the data;

8, set to detect diesel pour point program;


Technical parameters

1, Refrigeration speed: 10min> 40 °C

2, Cooling power: -60 °C

3, freezing point repeatability: ± 2  °C

4, pour point repeatability: ± 2 °C

5, Ambient temperature environment: 5 ~ 40  °C

6, Relative humidity: <85%

7, power supply voltage: AC220V ± 10%

8, The cooling water pressure: 0.5kg/cm2

9, Reproducibility: ± 4 °C

10Digital thermometer with an accuracy of 0.1 ° C 

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