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  • Micro Auto Closed cup flash point tester
Product name: Micro Auto Closed cup flash point tester
Product Model:FDT-0281

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Label:closed cup flash point tester,pensky-martens flash
Scope of application

       Micro Auto Flash Point Tester instrument is based on ASTM D6450, D7094, SH / T 0768-2005 standard design and manufacture. Testing process is fully automated test sample in a closed cavity detection, security no open flame, and avoid outside interference with bad odor, High efficiency heating, cooling module can be quickly and accurately, continuous test sample.

Function characteristics

1, automatic barometric pressure correction for improved flash point test accuracy;

2, built-in cooling module that allows rapid sample cup reduced to Ambient temperature, remove The sample cup and sample loading, cleaning is very easy;

3, The automatic fix atmospheric pressure and calculate The correction value;

4, portable dual-use design, suitable for laboratory, field testing;

5, touch screen, convenient Chinese operation menu;


Technical parameters

1, Measuring range: room temperature ~ 300 °C

2,Temperature accuracy: 0.1 °C

3, The test time: 3-5min

4, The sample volume: 1ml, 2ml

5 Ignition: arc ignition

6, data storage: more than 1000 measurements.

7, The interface: computers, printers.

8, Power: 200 V / 230V AC, 50Hz, 65W; Car: 12V/8A DC

9, Size: 196x315x175mm

10, weight: 8kg”          

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