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  • automated Pensky-Martens Closed Cup
  • Rapid Low temperature Closed Cup Flash Point tester
Product name: automated Pensky-Martens Closed Cup
Product Model:FDT-0233

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Label:pensky-martens closed cup flash point tester
Scope of application

1. comforms to GB/T261  ASTM D93   ISO 2719Rapid equilibrium method

Function characteristics

1, A color display allow for user friendly interface. 
2, Model FDT-023 prompt function automatically
3, Model FDT-023 has to heat up automatic control, automatically opening the lid and ignition, automatic printout, automatic cooling, the machine automatically complete the barometric pressure correction and automatically display the flash point temperature, built-in micro-thermal printer automatically report the test results 
 The unit is equipped to store up to 100 test results andexport to an optional printer or to a LIMS through an RS-232 port. 
5, German imports of stainless steel temperature sensor detectsTemperature data is accurate and reliable 
6Mechanical moving parts servo drive timing belt drive, work without gaps, low noise, reliable and difficult to damage, no lubrication maintenance. 
7, Simply set the expected flash point instrument in strict accordance with the standard automatic test, the end of the test automatically print test results, and tone. Without judgment and does  not depend on the proficiency of the operator. 
8, Thermocouple detection flash point of High sensitivity detection of accurate, durable and easy to maintain.
9, Sample box the thermal compound thermostat with built-in refrigeration heating and imports Dan whisk Adams compressor, thermostat reliable lag, not easily damaged

Technical parameters

1, use environment: Temperature 0 ~ 60° C; Relative humidity:  80%


2: 7-inch color LCD with LED back light.


3, The Heating rate: less than 50 ° C;  1° C;  / min, Higher than 50 ° C; for 2-3 ° C;  / min


4, The Measuring range: -30 to +80° C Accuracy ± 1° C;


5, Temperature components: PT100 stainless steel temperature sensor


6, The lifting arm: automatically raised or lowered


7,Ignition: gas flame ignition


8, Detection: automatically detects flash fire and automatically print the experimental data.


9, Communication: USB/232, communication interface.


10,The cooling system: compressor cooling


11 Print: You can print this or any print stored 100 experimental results


12, power AC220V 50Hz, total power: 1.5 kw”                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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