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  • Petroleum products pour point tester
Product name: Petroleum products pour point tester
Product Model:FDT-0301

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Label:pour point tester ,pour point, freezing point, pou
Scope of application

Petroleum Product Pour Point Tester/Cloud Point Tester is designed and made as per the National Standard GB/510 “Test Methods for Pour Point of Petroleum Products”, It is suitable to determine pour point and cloud point of petroleum products. It is also suitable to determine pour point and cloud point of petroleum products as per ASTM D97, ASTM D2500, IP15, andIP219.

Function characteristics

1. This instrument adopts imported compressor cascade closed refrigeration technology, refrigeration depth deep, fast cooling

2. The cold bath metal bath, no alcohol, etc. as a medium

3. Using gravity tilt automatic timing devices, automatic alarm device when

4. Digital set temperature and the actual temperature, PID temperature control makes temperature control more accurate.

Technical parameters

1 Power supply: AC 220V ± 10%; 50Hz.

2,Test hole2chilling vat: double grooves

3, Temperature controlling range : room temperature ~ -70 °C(can be customized according to user requirements)

4, Temperature accuracy: ± 0.5 °C

5, cooling system: imported refrigeration compressors.

6, Ambient temperature:  30 °C.

7, Relative humidity:  85%.

8, Power consumption: less than 1000W.”


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