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Product name: Average molecular weight tester
Product Model:FDR-1001

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Label:molecular weight, average molecular weight
Scope of application

average molecular weight tester is designed and manufactured according to standard requirements SH/T0169

Function characteristics

1, Imported brand compressor, unique metal cold bath, no alcohol, and so do media, Refrigeration mode speed, Refrigeration mode effect is good. 

2, PID temperature control technology, precision temperature sensor, accurate temperature control. 

3, integrated design, easy operation and maintenance.


Technical parameters

1, Ambient temperature: room temperature ~ -40°C ± 0.5°C
2 Power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50HZ
3, Refrigeration mode bath: sufficient quantity to bloom container Refrigeration mode medium can be maintained below freezing point of solvent at a constant temperature of 5°C.
4, Test tube: heat-resistant glass test tube, 60mm × 250mm, sFRIENDper with a rubber inner tube, lower part of a cork ring to support inner test tube
5, Inner test tube: heat-resistant glass test tube: 45mm × 240mm, can put a thermometer and a stirrer with a two-hole rubber match.  
6, agitator: made of glass or inert material annular agitator, the thermometer diameter of test tube wall is designed and made as per mechanical stirring.

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