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  • Benzene crystallization point tester
  • Benzene Crystallizing Point Tester
Product name: Benzene crystallization point tester
Product Model:FDS-0701
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Label:Benzene,crystallization point tester, crystallizat
Scope of application

Application range: Benzene crystallization point tester applicable standard: GB/T3145

Function characteristics

1. imported hermetic compressors refrigeration;

2.advanced electromagnetic stirring; construction, compact andbeautiful;

4.Instrument housing quality cold  rolled steel plate, the surface electrostatic spra  high temperature baking process, easy to 

    clean, corrosion-resistant;

5.microcomputer controller, PID function digital display continuously displays the temperature (test), accuracy 0.1 ° C Pt100 RTD Temperature probes;6, Taiwan imported miniature self-priming pump for internal circulation, to ensure the uniformity of temperature of the cooling bath.

Technical parameters

1 .Temperature control mode: import digital PID temperature controller;

2. Measuring range: room temperature to -20 ° C;

3. Refrigeration: compressor cooling;

4.mixing method: two-hole electromagnetic stirring;

5. Working power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50HZ
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