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  • Liquefied Petroleum GasesVolatility and Residues tester
Product name: Liquefied Petroleum GasesVolatility and Residues tester
Product Model:FDS-0401
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Label:LP Gases,Volatility and Residues
Scope of application

the volatility of liquefied petroleum (LP) gases is determined by allowing a precooled sample to weather under specified 

conditions andobserving the temperature when 95% has evaporated. Residues in LP gases are determined by weathering 

of a precooled sample anddetermination of the volume remaining at 100°F (37.8°C).

Function characteristics

1. Integrated design, easy operation andmaintenance;

2.PID temperature control temperature control system, High precision temperature control, stability;

3. Quick connectors, a fast convergence cylinders andnitrogen purge;

4.Double bomb, to facilitate the operation of parallel experiments;

5. Imported compressor refrigeration, the noise, the cooling effect is stable.

Technical parameters

1. power: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz

2. Input power: 800W

3.Output power: refrigerator

4. Ambient temperature: room temperature ~ +30 °C  


5.Measuring range: 20 °C~ -70 °C 

6. Refrigerant: F13 & F502

7. Cooling: air-cooled

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