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  • Grease copper strip corrosion tester
Product name: Grease copper strip corrosion tester
Product Model:FDH-4001
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Label:copper strip corrosion tester,Grease copper strip
Scope of application

Application range

Grease copper strip corrosion tester applicable standards: GB/T7326  ASTM D4048, FTM 791-5309

Function characteristics

1.with integrated design, easy to operate  and maintenance ;

2.with PID temperature control temperature control system, High precision temperature control, stability;

3. with automatic timing to the alarm system;

4. using the results of the multi  bomb,and to facilitate the operation of parallel experiments.

Technical parameters

1.Test Tube Bath Capacity: 6 test jars;

2.Digital precision temperature control;

3.the digital timing device, automatic real-time alarm device ;

4.  Machine low noise, environmental protection;

5.Temperature Control Stability: ±0.1°C.

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