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  • Shear Stability Tester
Product name: Shear Stability Tester
Product Model:FDH-1301

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Label:Polymer oil, shear stability, ultrasonic method, d
Scope of application

Automatic oximeter applicable standards containing The shear stability of The polymer oils: SH/T0505, ASTM D2603

Function characteristics

1 LCD display data, clear and intuitive

2,The instrument uses the integrated design, automatic temperature control, automatic timing, automatic lifting, automatic detection

3,Instrument uses imported ultrasonic transmitter equipment resonance frequency in full compliance with The standard requirements of 20 ± 1KHZ  100W

4,Instrument uses efficient concentrator shear systems, frequency stability, divergence angle Rules

5, using a standard oil corrected

Technical parameters

1, Heating method: water bath heating

2, Temperature control: PID temperature controller

3,Measuring range: room temperature ~ 38 ° C ± 2 ° C for 5

4,Splicing: efficient poly can head shear

5,Display: LCD

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