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  • lubricant aging characteristics tester
Product name: lubricant aging characteristics tester
Product Model:FDH-0701

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Label:Lubricants, aging, aging characteristics, oil agin
Scope of application
Lubricant aging characteristics are determined in accordance with the test method requirements SH/T0192 GB/T12709 design and manufacture. For the determination of oil aging characteristics. Includes two methods: A method: through the air after aging Conradson Carbon value method. Method B: In the presence of ferric oxide through the air after aging Conradson Carbon law.
Function characteristics

1, The apparatus mainlyis designed and made as per theTemperature control part, part of The metal bath, air flow regulator components.

2,The control circuit uses digital temperature meter, High precisionTemperature control, display accurate.

3, The Heating method body is made of aluminum bath, anda protective layer of insulation andheat insulation, rapid Heating method .

4,The implementation of components using solid state relay SSR, with no contact, no action noise, no spark, long life andother characteristics.

Technical parameters

1.Input power: 1000W

2.Power supply: AC220V/50Hz

3.Test temperature: 200 °C

4.Temperature control precision: ± 0.5 °C

5.Measuring range: room temperature ~ 200 °C

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