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  • air release value tester
  • air release value tester
Product name: air release value tester
Product Model:FDT-1201

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Label:automatic air release valve,air release valve
Scope of application

Oil Air Release Value Tester is designed and made as per SH/T0308-92. It is used to determine air release value of fire resistant oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil andother petroleum products. It includes heat-resistant test tube, circulation bath, air bath, air pressure controlling system, and air release time controlling parts.

Function characteristics

1, The microcomputer processing and PID control, digital display setting and actual temperature display accuracy 1 ° C, Pt100 RTD temperature probes

2, operating temperature range: room temperature ~ 80 ° C, adjustable accuracy of ± 0.1 ° C;

3, High-precision air regulator valve to accurately control the pressure of 19.6 Kpa

4, stainless steel water bath, anti-corrosion;

5, The timer displays the time, without manual timing;

6, separate gas filter, regulator systems, to remove the oil and water in the air;


Technical parameters

1, Power: AC220 ± 10% 50Hz ± 5%

2, Heating: electric heating tube

3, Temperature control: PID temperature controller

4, Temperature range: room temperature ~ 80 ± 1 ℃

5, working pressure: 19.6Kpa

6, Pressure control: Precision regulator adjustment

7, Time: digital timer


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