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Detailed information:

A, the function and characteristics:

With rotate 360 degrees to adjust the direction function, radius of activities for the center has a fixed frame of up to 1630 mm.

Have the functions of control in the gas flow.

Fixed bottom and adornment fixed distance of 990 mm, 500 mm. The scalable.

Easy to remove, restructuring, and cleaning.

Second, the parts material and directions for use:

Joint: high PP material, can rotate 360 degrees to adjust direction.

Joint sealing ring: high-density rubber is not easy to aging, the installation within the two joints, easy rotation and the sealing effect.

Support spring/joint link rod: 304 stainless steel.

Joint tightness knob: PP material with high density, embedded copper nut and joint connection rod lock.

Air flow regulating valve, flow regulating torsional and wind deflector all for high-density PP material, with 304 stainless steel bar connection, manually adjust the external valve knob. Air traffic control.

Arch/cup gas-collecting hood: 375 mm / 200 mm in diameter, high density PP quality, red, gray and transparent three options.

Telescopic duct: 75 MMPVC diameter, rotating telescopic duct with fine-tuning fixed torque, adjustable 28 mm.

Fixed frame: high density PP material, use the M8 roof expansion screws in the laboratory.

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