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Material described as follows: 

Steel: use 40 * 60mm high quality cold rolled steel, after bending manufacture, metal surface after chemical rust treatment acid, phosphate, etc., high-voltage electrostatic epoxy powder coating, and screw holes connecting piece using pull-staking process of welding, bracket screws used in all international SHCS connection, corrosion resistance, close strong, long-term weight-bearing deformation, steel frame using C-FRAME double-column structure, increase the load-bearing steel middle. 

Table: The 12.7mm thick physiochemical board, anti-strong acid and a variety of organic reagents, anti-scratching performance, easy bending deformation, using the board to do the middle ribs, increase the load-bearing properties of the table. 

Case: 16mm thick wood substrate made ​​of high quality melamine board, 

Drawer panel with 18mm thick melamine board (MDF), PVC automatic edge treatment. 

Rail: The three reflux mute rail, 

Hinge 105, 

Handle for high-quality PVC within a font handle, beautiful and practical, the use of high-strength injection feet. 

       The actual size of the experimental units can be customized according to customer needs. 

       Depending on the functional requirements of the laboratory, can be equipped with water, electricity, gas facilities. 

       Bench wood structure simple and elegant appearance, changing the traditional smooth vertical and horizontal lines of experimental design concepts. Color diversification, so that the laboratory vibrant, enhanced user-friendly design. Wood and steel structure series bearing strong performance, the box can use ceiling-mounted installation, you can move around.

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